Vinaya Pitaka - Monastic Rules


Bhikkhu Vibhanga

Pārājikas Sanghādisesas Aniyatas Nissaggiya Pācittiyas Pācittiyas Pāṭidesanīyas Sekhiyas Adhikaraṇa-Samathās

Bhikkhu Vibhanga - Nissaggiya Pācittiyas

Nissaggiya Pācittiyas - Offences Involving Confession And Forfeiture
One: The Robe Cloth Chapter
1: Not to keep an extra robe more than ten days at a time.
2: Not to spend the night apart from one of his three robes.
3: Not to keep robe cloth more than one month at a time.
4: Not to have a robe washed or dyed by a bhikkhunī who is not a relative.
5: Not to accept a robe from a bhikkhunī who is not a relative.
6: Not to ask someone who is not a relative for a robe.
7: Not to ask for more than one upper robe and one lower robe in case of loss of the three robes.
8: Not to ask for a good quality robe from a supporter who is saving money to offer one.
9: Not to ask for a good quality robe from two supporters who are saving money to offer one each.
10: Not to appoint a kappiya on his own, nor to be too pushy with a kappiya who is supposed to provide something.
Two: The Silk Chapter
11: Not to accept rugs containing silk.
12: Not to accept a rug only made of black sheep wool.
13: Not to accept a rug that is, for more than half of it, made with black sheep wool and a quarter in white wool.
14: The Training Rule on Six Years.
15: The Training Rule on Sitting Cloths.
16: The Training Rule on Wool.
17: The Training Rule on Washing Wool.
18: The Training Rule on Money.
19: Not to use money.
20: The Training Rule on Bartering.
Three: The Bowl Chapter
21: The Training Rule on Bowls.
22: The Training Rule on Less Than Five Mends.
23: The Training Rule on Tonics.
24: The Training Rule on Rainy Season Robes.
25: The Training Rule on Taking Robes Away.
26: The Training Rule on Asking for Thread.
27: The Long Training Rule on Weavers.
28: The Training Rule on Haste-Cloth.
29: The Training Rule on What is Dangerous.
30: Not to divert for his own benefit a donation made to the saṇgha.