Khuddaka Nikāya - The Minor Texts

Sutta Nipata

Sutta Nipata Chapter 4: The Chapter of the Eights - Aṭṭhakavagga

4:7 With Tissametteyya

4:7 With Tissametteyya


814 “When someone indulges in sex,”
said Venerable Tissametteyya,
“tell us, sir: what trouble befalls them?
After hearing your instruction,
we shall train in seclusion.”


815 “When someone indulges in sex,”
replied the Buddha,
“they forget their instructions
and go the wrong way—
that is something ignoble in them.

816 Someone who formerly lived alone
and then resorts to sex
is like a chariot careening off-track;
in the world they call them a low, ordinary person.

817 Their former fame and reputation
also fall away.
Seeing this, they’d train
to give up sex.

818 Oppressed by thoughts,
they brood like a wretch.
When they hear what others are saying,
such a person is embarrassed.

819 Then they lash out with verbal daggers
when reproached by others.
This is their great blind spot;
they sink to lies.

820 They once were considered astute,
committed to the solitary life.
But then they indulged in sex,
dragged along by desire like an idiot.

821 Knowing this danger
in falling from a former state here,
a sage would firmly resolve to wander alone,
and would not resort to sex.

822 They’d train themselves only in seclusion;
this, for the noble ones, is highest.
One who’d not think themselves “best” due to that
has truly drawn near to extinguishment.

823 People tied to sensual pleasures envy them:
the isolated, wandering sage
who has crossed the flood,
unconcerned for sensual pleasures.


(iccāyasmā tisso metteyyo):

Vighātaṁ brūhi mārisa;
Sutvāna tava sāsanaṁ,
Viveke sikkhissāmase".

(metteyyāti bhagavā):

815 "Methunamanuyuttassa,
Mussate vāpi sāsanaṁ;
Micchā ca paṭipajjati,
Etaṁ tasmiṁ anāriyaṁ.

816 Eko pubbe caritvāna,
methunaṁ yo nisevati;
Yānaṁ bhantaṁva taṁ loke,
hīnamāhu puthujjanaṁ.

817 Yaso kitti ca yā pubbe,
hāyate vāpi tassa sā;
Etampi disvā sikkhetha,
methunaṁ vippahātave.

818 Saṅkappehi pareto so,
kapaṇo viya jhāyati;
Sutvā paresaṁ nigghosaṁ,
maṅku hoti tathāvidho.

819 Atha satthāni kurute,
paravādehi codito;
Esa khvassa mahāgedho,
mosavajjaṁ pagāhati.

820 Paṇḍitoti samaññāto,
ekacariyaṁ adhiṭṭhito;
Athāpi methune yutto,
mandova parikissati.

821 Etamādīnavaṁ ñatvā,
Muni pubbāpare idha;
Ekacariyaṁ daḷhaṁ kayirā,
Na nisevetha methunaṁ.

822 Vivekaññeva sikkhetha,
etaṁ ariyānamuttamaṁ;
Na tena seṭṭho maññetha,
sa ve nibbānasantike.

823 Rittassa munino carato,
Kāmesu anapekkhino;
Oghatiṇṇassa pihayanti,
Kāmesu gadhitā pajā"ti.

Tissametteyyasuttaṁ sattamaṁ.