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38. Jambukhādakasaṁyutta: With Jambukhādaka

I. With Jambukhādaka — SN 38.2: A Question About Perfection

1“Reverend Sāriputta, they speak of this thing called ‘perfection’. What is perfection?”

“Reverend, the ending of greed, hate, and delusion is called perfection.”

“But, reverend, is there a path and a practice for realizing this perfection?”

“There is, reverend.”

“Well, what is it?”

“It is simply this noble eightfold path, that is: right view, right thought, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, and right immersion. This is the path, the practice, for realizing this perfection.”

“Reverend, this is a fine path, a fine practice, for realizing this perfection. Just this much is enough to be diligent.”

1"‘Arahattaṁ, arahattan’ti, āvuso sāriputta, vuccati. Katamaṁ nu kho, āvuso, arahattan"ti?

"Yo kho, āvuso, rāgakkhayo dosakkhayo mohakkhayo – idaṁ vuccati arahattan"ti.

"Atthi panāvuso, maggo atthi paṭipadā etassa arahattassa sacchikiriyāyā"ti?

"Atthi kho, āvuso, maggo atthi paṭipadā etassa arahattassa sacchikiriyāyā"ti.

"Katamo panāvuso, maggo katamā paṭipadā etassa arahattassa sacchikiriyāyā"ti?

"Ayameva kho, āvuso, ariyo aṭṭhangiko maggo etassa arahattassa sacchikiriyāya, seyyathidaṁ – sammādiṭṭhi … pe … sammāsamādhi. Ayaṁ kho, āvuso, maggo, ayaṁ paṭipadā etassa arahattassa sacchikiriyāyā"ti.

"Bhaddako, āvuso, maggo bhaddikā paṭipadā etassa arahattassa sacchikiriyāya. Alañca panāvuso sāriputta, appamādāyā"ti.