Aṅguttara Nikāya - The Numerical Discourses

8: The Book of the Eights

IV. Giving — AN 8.33: Reasons to Give

1“Mendicants, there are these eight grounds for giving. What eight? A person might give a gift out of favoritism or hostility or stupidity or cowardice. Or they give thinking, ‘Giving was practiced by my father and my father’s father. It would not be right for me to abandon this family tradition.’ Or they give thinking, ‘After I’ve given this gift, when my body breaks up, after death, I’ll be reborn in a good place, a heavenly realm.’ Or they give thinking, ‘When giving this gift my mind becomes clear, and I become happy and joyful.’ Or they give a gift thinking, ‘This is an adornment and requisite for the mind.’ These are the eight grounds for giving.”

1"Aṭṭhimāni, bhikkhave, dānavatthūni. Katamāni aṭṭha? Chandā dānaṁ deti, dosā dānaṁ deti, mohā dānaṁ deti, bhayā dānaṁ deti, ‘dinnapubbaṁ katapubbaṁ pitupitāmahehi, nārahāmi porāṇaṁ kulavaṁsaṁ hāpetun’ti dānaṁ deti, ‘imāhaṁ dānaṁ datvā kāyassa bhedā paraṁ maraṇā sugatiṁ saggaṁ lokaṁ upapajjissāmī’ti dānaṁ deti, ‘imaṁ me dānaṁ dadato cittaṁ pasīdati, attamanatā somanassaṁ upajāyatī’ti dānaṁ deti, cittālaṅkāracittaparikkhāratthaṁ dānaṁ deti. Imāni kho, bhikkhave, aṭṭha dānavatthūnī"ti.